The Three Horseshoes update

February 2020


This weekend volunteering is planned from 15:00 on Saturday and 10:30 on Sunday.

Volunteering is focussed on preparing for final painting,

This week we had some new shelves installed to the back of the bar and we are preparing new doors at each exit of the village bar. The boiler installation is still not finalised due to fine tuning of electrics and an expansion tank... but we will draw down on the National Grid to ensure you all as warm as toast as we continue with decoration.

Working in pairs the tasks are as follows:

Preparing windows in gents / ladies for painting ( sanding / filling )
Sanding off the front of the old bar shelves to complement Gordon's new shelves.
White mist-coat on new plaster in hallway by ladies/gents / priming wood work
Further problem solving of the sticky table tops
Finally detail sanding & filling in village bar
Sanding doors for priming
Preparing new bar shelves for decoration ( sanding, knotting, priming)
Cleaning off more fridges
Second coat on bar cladding
Tiling ( Michael & Richard )
Sanding crittal windows ( Dave & Sue )
Hedge planting ( Rick and Sue ? )
Cleaning off the poles in the car park


There is progress with tenant recruitment but meanwhile we are planning two Pop Up Events.

Saturday 22 February: Saturday Night at your local.
Ales and wine from Nethergate ( including craft Lager )
Nothing fancy but using the new kitchen! A hearty offering of chilli & baked potato or (Vegetarian) Sicilian caponata.
Details & Flyers in preparation.

Weekend of Friday 13- Sunday 15 March 2020: Our first anniversary !
The pub will be open from 16:00 on Friday 13th March - Sunday 15 March ( just as it should be )
Details to follow but please email if you can help out with music and food operations over these three days.