Recycling & refuse collections

Our refuse collection arrangements have recently been changed.

Normal recycling and green bin collection day is Monday, fortnightly.
Normal black bin collection day is now also Monday, fortnightly, on alternate weeks.
Food waste bins are emptied every week.

Clear sacks for recycling are for newspapers, paper, cardboard, plastic bottles and packaging, tin cans and aerosols, and aluminium foil.
Green wheeled bins for composting are for the collection of grass cuttings, shrub and hedge prunings, leaves and weeds, but not for any food waste.

Your food waste bin should be used for any fruit and vegetable peelings, cooked and uncooked food, meat and fish bones, eggshells, and food stained paper such as pizza boxes. Please wrap food waste in newspaper or compostable caddy liners.
Remember that composting your own garden waste at home takes very little space and will provide you with useful compost to put back onto your garden.

Black wheeled bins for landfill for anything that cannot be recycled or composted, such as disposable nappies, pet waste, polystyrene and other non-recyclable plastics. All waste must be contained within your wheelied bin, and the lid shut.

Please put bags out by 8 o'clock on the morning of collection days, but do not put rubbish out more than 24hours in advance.

You should have been issued with a timetable of collection dates. If you have mislaid it, contact Braintree Customer Services on 01376 552525 for another copy. If you need any extra bags, please contact the Parish Clerk (tel: 731 964) or BDC Customer Services.

Special arrangements are made for Christmas & New Year, and details will be published on the BDC website. Collections will be one day later following a Bank Holiday.

Glass recycling bins are available behind the Village Hall. Please use the correct coloured bin, and recycle bottles and jars only - not drinking glasses.
Clothes and shoes recycling bin is also available at the Village Hall.